I’m pretty irritated and I’m trying not to be. I love my husband very much but he can be difficult. I’ve adopted the just “let it go” philosophy to my home life for anything that isn’t important. It’s pretty amazing most of the time bcuz usually my husband will just let the issue go allot sooner too. I took a couple weeks off of work since he got a job after not working for 9 months. During this time I didn’t make him clean or look for a job out really anything, only if I wanted him to go get something since I have a hard time going out. Anyway, I’m at the beginning of my second week which starts tomorrow and he is angry with me for not searching for a job (I currently still have mine if I want it or a promotion). He’s angry that I haven’t gone out, that I haven’t done any cleaning. This is aggravating, I guess he was allowed 9 months of doing nothing but smoking and hanging out with friends while I worked but I am working on my second week off and I’m lazy. I’m trying not to let it get to me and just letting it go. Besides I basically took this second week since my birthday is in a couple days. I know he’s going through guilt or whatever bcuz of himself and maybe wants me to feel that way or maybe he thinks I wouldn’t take a week for myself. I have no clue. He has a job for a month and all the sudden I’ve been not doing as well, which is so untrue I can’t even. Maybe I’m just baffled that he would treat me like this after that LONG LONG break I allowed him to take. Here’s the thing though, if you want to talk to me about something concerning an issue then shouldn’t your approach be kinder then attitude and cursing? It isn’t as bad as it sounds but when you look at how calm and polite I have been then it’s just uncalled for. He isn’t a bad guy but his approach is terrible and acting like that after one week compared to his 9 months…  It just amazes me. Anyway just wanted to get this out.


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