-Read the title.

That's what I've done.

This time it may be a life sentence… or worse.

-Life has spiraled downward into a whirlpool of emptiness.

^… not even sure if that last line makes sense.

-In the midst of chaos, i found something good.

i ruined it.

-why do i sometimes capitalize and sometimes I don't?

-I've learned some valuable lessons lately.

Reassessed my life.

Making some changes.

Did i spell "reassessed" wrong?

Won't really do any good though.

The shit hole is too deep this time.

-Lol, ifyou only knew…

i mean for real, i can't tell people what's going on.

I hate typing "lol."

-some people can, some people can't.

^last sentence applies to everything you can think of.

-i wish that in some cases people could.

Wish in one hand and… i'm sure you know the rest.

-i was making a comment earlier and i couldn't spell "behaviour", or is it "behavior?"

-scars are moments etched into our skin to remind us of pain.

similar to a tatoo in some ways,but can't be removed.

perhaps covered by a tatooas adisguise.

-i just remembered that I can't remember.

have i grown dumb?

or just numb?

i'd like to be numb.

-never talk to turkeys that will stab your back.

i did.

became a week crazier for that.

made a painted cat and a purple necklace though.

gave it them to a priceless friend.

-I give too much.

or do i take too much?

or is it both?

why do i care?

-i wear my heart on my sleeve.

seems to be a bad place for it.

sleeves are often used for covering coughs and sneezes.

-5 days till an earthquake.

or maybe sunshine.

green would be a good color for that day.

-don't go outside.

it's not safe out there.






-read your hand, dumbass.

maybe it has good advice.

maybe i washed it off.

maybe i caused pain.

maybe I didn't know.

maybe it doesn't matter.

it doesn't.

no excuses.

-why do i have to keep resizing this damn profile pic?

did i spell "resizing" right?

why do I care so much if my grammar is correct?

i mean fuck, I went to logan high.

-the only thing that stays the same is change.

never get too comfortable with life.

it's going to change.

get used to it.

-do I have refills on those?

how do i get more?

-i'm too damn sensitive.

i think too much.

i care too much.

i hurt too much.

i'm tired of hurting.

sick of pain.

need a pain killer.

-my lower arm itches.

why is there tape on it?

i know.

but you don't.

well you do.

but only you.

-i'll keep you safe.

but i won't.

even though I want to.

but now i really can.

now is too late.

-the internet can be a blessing.

or a curse.

or it's all in how you use it.

it can take you on adventures.

if you let it.

-adventures can be good.

they can also be bad.

-take chances.

or not.

you may regret it if you don't.

-reality cuts like a knife.

a knife cuts into reality.

reality becomes a nightmare.

or is life a bad dream?

pinch me.

or lay me down to sleep.


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