:2guns:I am so angry right now. It is a good thing he wasnt home. I feel like I could hurt him. If you read my profile you know I am seperated and wanting a divorce. Well anyway, I found out that this man that I have been married to has been feeding me cocaine without my knowledge. He knows that if he would have ask me I would have said NO!!!! So he took it opon himself to give it to me without me knowing. I trusted him. He said he loved me but how could he have done this to me. He totally betrayed me, my trust, my love, my loyality. How can a person pretend to be something and he isnt. God I feel sooooo stupid.
He also promised to pay a major bill off and he fell thru with that too. Instead I have to pay it. He got a big settlement and he has taken it and cracked it all up. I come I always fall those real winners. He is going to get by with all of this. He some how took the land that we owned and got his name only on the deed. It just isnt fair. Why does these bad men get by with whatever they want. I want to do something. I want him to pay, but how? I am barely making it finacially and I have to pay for all this. Our finacilly responsiblities, what he has done to my body and my mind. I want to do it legally but I dont know how. I want him to pay for fucking up my head and my credit. Can someone out there give me any suggestions?
Sorry for the ranting but right now I want to reach out and touch him really hard.


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