As I had stated in my update that my lil one was having a good school year…. apparently it has not been that good. THe teacher talked to my husband yesterday and she asked if we would agree to have my lil one see a counselor/therapist. I have been telling my husband that we needed to do this with both r kids but now they have beat us to the puch and my husband can’t back out of it. My son has behavioral problems due to him having ADHD. My eldest son has it too but he was not as emotional as my lil one. Alot of the problem is that my husband spoils the shit out of it and we ague about it all the time. He has given my son a sense of entitlement and that is not good. So whe he feels like he wants to do something he does it if not he cries or whines or even gets mad. He does not get away with things with me and he knows that so he always runs to his dad who underminds my authority. It is very frustrating. SHe says he has good days and bad days so she will be sending him to the counselor/therapiston those bad days. One thing about my son though Is that is ridiculously smart which has saved him from having further problems in school. The teacher knows this and is suggesting we do this so it will help him get even further in school which I totally agree.  It just upsets me that it has come to this. i feel like have fail my child which make me feel like shit. Once again I find myself in a semi-dark place. I will be talking to the teacher and find out a lil more info about this program. I’m sure things will work out I just can’t help but beat myself up about it. SIGH!   


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