It’s so hard to recognize yourself when you’ve lost yourself

Depression clouded my mind from the world and everything that it use to be

I can’t see what’s going to happen after I’m dead,

But if there is hell, I know I’m going there.

I can’t be forgiven for what I’ve done

I’m a murder 

I’ve killed the girl inside of me 

The girl who use to smile, laugh, and actually be happy and have real emotions

That girl has been killed by the new girl who has taken over.

She stays in the shadows

Only comes out when needed

She tells others how beautiful the world is

Because she doesn’t want other people to severa the same way she has

That girl has lost everything

Her soul, mind, love, emotions, and her life.

I’m that girl, I’m that murder.

I’ve killed the girl that I use to be

Nothing can save me, It’s only a matter of time until I break and nothing can

Hold me together.


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