First off, I want to start of by saying I am not at all fearful for my life but my life has been threaten by a man named Peter. I saved the screen shot of the Facebook message on my computer. If worse comes to worse I hope someone finds it.

Anyway, I guess I should start tell the story of what this is all about. I met a girl named Chelsea about 2 years ago but we stopped talking about a month later after we met. In my other blogs on here I've wrote about her. I think during the time of July 2012-September 2012. I may have wrote about her as recent as this year. I believe February 2014. At one point this year I wanted to see if I can get a relationship started again but after talking to a close friend, it was best realized that I was better off not getting there. That was back during Valentine's day. I was alone, single and just wanting to do something special for someone on that day. That day just sucks for people like me. Anyway soon after that I didn;t want to have a relationship with this girl (like I just said) but I still wanted to be friends and close friends. I don't have close friends at all. I really wanted to take her out to lunch and talk and do what normal people do. But she would never reply back and always thought that was a way of me hitting on her. I just wanted to be her friend. This one time I texted her back I got a phone call back from her. I let it go to voicemail because I knew she would never call me back. I was right because the voicemail was a man's voice. Not sure who but he was claiming to be Chelsea's boyfriend. She wasn't dating anyone at the time but that was just a way for her to get me to stop texting her. After a few days I texted her again and this time she would block me from her phone, instagram, twitter. Just a complete over reaction. I would never text her anything bad just "Hey", "Whats up" or maybe something random like if I heard something on the radio. Just anything to get her to reply back. She is not a busy person, she has her phone on her constantly she was just being really rude about it. It got to the point that she got on twitter telling everyone how that she was "freak out" by me and her friend also got on twitter defending her telling me to leave her alone. When I replied back on twitter I told both her friend and her that i was just trying to be her friend.

Soon after that I didn't like that I was rejected so I was quote and reply to some of the things she would say on twitter. Yes it wasn't the best way to handle it but she was being really rude to me. I know now it wasn't the best way to handle it. The other night I believe one of my friends and follower on twitter Anthony told Chelsea and her friend that I was writing these things about her. They both replied to me on twitter and said to leave her alone and that I was a creep. I replied back by saying that I just want to be her friend. Today, I found a message from Peter (which is her ex boyfriend) to leave her alone and he has threaten my life. Like I said I am not fearful and I don't know the man but he could be crazy and could possibly hurt me. That is why I want to document the events that has lead me to writing this today.

It is sad really, we growup as little kids thinking that everyone can be our friend only to find that is not the case.Sure maybe I have shunned a few people in my day but I have learn from that and now I am more accepting of people and would like anyone to be my friend. I don't have close friends and the people I do have in my life I apprciate more then anything in the world. For me it is hard making friends. I'm not the best conversation person so it's hard for me to break the ice and just have a conversation with someone. I guess you can say I'm a bit akward in ideal social situations. So whenever I do meet people I try to keep them in my lives because I never know when I'll meet another person again. I don't meet new people everyday and I usually meet people through friends like how I did with Chelsea.

I wouldn't do anything to hurt her. You can ask anyone, that I'm the nicest guy you will ever meet and probably the most non physical guy too. I'm not a big guy, just tall and skinny so I always try to avoid fights. I may have a stare down but thats pretty much it. I am a nice guy but sometimes I believe that thats a major flaw and girls don't like me because I am too nice. I hope I'm thats not true because I would do anything for anyone. I like to give not only to people I know but to charity. Especially to kids. I think 2 Christmas' ago I have away over $30 or $40 dollars worth of toys to Toys For Tots. I know that isn't much but that was all I could kid at the time. It was pretty cool stuff too and their were toys that reflected my childhood. Last Christmas I again donated $30 to Father Joe's Villages to help with the homeless. Really, I am not a bad guy like those girls portray me. I really wish they could see that and that every person who would look at me saw that.

Like I said I a guy with hardly any friends but I do go out by myself. I go to bars and clubs, it is hard meeting people there but I try anyway. I actually love going to these parties that are hosted locally by these two guys. They call themselves and their team Lovelife. They host the best parties and I just went to one rectently. It was a Star-Wars themed party. Anyway, I believe Lovelife is a perfect name for these parties because they are all about love and positivity and togetherness and you can feel it when you are there. Everyone is happy and having a good time and that is what I'm all about. I'm coming from a place of love and I want her to know that. She calls herself a bitch which makes her seem to be very negative about things. Even her ex boyfriend threathening me is coming from a place of hate and I think her friends have got her thinking this way. I want to show her the love and the positivity. I want to look out for her and giver her a good outlook on things. I saw that she is giving up on school and thats a shame. I remember how she told me she wanted to get into nursing. She's giving up on that dream. I have never given up on my dream and never will. As much as I want to show her this way, this much more positive outlook,I now know I can't. I can't look out for her. There is a songthat gets played on the radio now but I heard it on the album I have it's called Step by Vampire Weekend and there is a line that says "maybe she's gone and I can't reserect her, truth is she doesn't need me to protect her" I guess I gotta do what the song says.

I'm hopeful that nothing happens to me and that this is just an empty threat. I don't know the man but a threat against my life whoever it may be I take seriously. Especially when I only wanted to be this girl's friend. Furthermore I would like to add that I hope everyone of you out there is nice to everyone you see. You never know when someone can use a friend. I hope that if I ever have children they will never experience this, coming to a website and talk about how they don't have any friends. I get emotional just saying that but I am alone in this world and don't feel like a normal person. Normal people have friends that they can take to the movies, or go to the fair or just sit around talk to. I don't have that. I tried to be this person's friend but once again I get rejected. This isn't the first time. Sure they have been others but with this girl I saw a little piece of myself and thought she could use a guy like me. Guess I was wrong.



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