I know that I am just feeling a feeling and that it doesn’t own me. I know that I can “choose” to feel something different, but feelings for me last a long time: well they “feel” like they do. Currently I’m feeling grumpy, bitter, angry, and anti social. All the small things are bothering me right now from the mall mosquito that I just obliterated to customers showing up a few minutes early and insisting they will be quick. Today I slept in until 8am, normally I’m up by 6 or shortly after. Today my “me” time in the morning is now spilling over into work time, and since I just started this routine I find myself stuck in grumpy mode longer than necessary. I know I should be able to take a five minute pause and reset, but shutting the doors and going back to bed seems like a better alternative. I guess I’ll go breath and keep my job although sleep sounds more appealing.

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  1. estelle 1 year ago

    Hello Nick,

    It’s really hard to actually choose your feelings. Humans aren’t robots and can’t (easily) program their brains to cause them to feel certain ways. You can choose how you respond to your feelings, though. Do you validate them and be kind to yourself? Do you listen to your feelings and imagine that they are trying to tell you something important? Or do you distract, try to block them out, or restrict them?

    I hope that you feel better soon.

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