So, yesterday my mother couldn't take my sister and I to school because "I'm so tired, I can't stay awake." Then she had to take me to an appoitment. After, we went to the grocery. My sister and I shopped while she had to go to the restroom. I really wanted tomato soup seeing as how I'm terribly sick. But, I forgot to get it. When we got home from the grocery, we had to put them up, because 'she just had to sit down' then bragged about all the things she did to my dad, we having done all the work, didn't get a single thank you.Today, she took my sister to school, I didn't go because of my cold thing. When she came home from taking her she slept until 1:25. I was happy because I aced a test on my virtual school and it was a pretty hard test. She mpayed no mind and then told me to clean the living room. I asked her if she could swing by the store after she picked up Evelyn, my sister, and get some drinks as well as some of my tomato soup. she refused. I lost it, I asked her why, she just gave me the same old excuses. I finally was just like "It's not that you can't, it's that you won't!" She left to pick up my sister and I finished up the living room. When she came back she got me some soup. I was very happy and told her thank you. She then started crying about how my sister and I take turns being mean to her and she tries her best and told me I was just a bully when I don't get my way. She makes me feel so awful. I didn't want to hear anymore so I told her sorry, and she stopped crying. I don't feel sorry though. Maybe I am a bad person. I just. I can't take it sometimes.


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