I hate when my husband and I fight. It sucks. It started about my son. well my oldest. He is so stict on him to the point where he will be bawling. So i usually come in and be nice and talk with him about his feelings. Well my husband blows up on me saying I negate things and make our son feel like mom will always be right and there to save the day. Then he accuses me of calling him a shitty father. Just because you were raised a certain way doesnt always mean that way is right for your child.

Well it ended with him storming off outside to smoke and search the internet on the phone till he felt like he's been outside long enough to make his point of he's pissed at me known. Well were were supposed to go out to eat. and so i ask him if he still wants to go…his response I dont feel like it now.

so now my children are forced to eat pbj sandwhiches cuz its too late to go anywhere and it would take to long to cook a decent meal. I gave up and didnt even eat. I was so upset that I went to our neighborhood center and worked out. it was so intense. I straight up tore up that elliptical. 30 minutes. intense for me lol i'm so out of shape. and then I totally did my arm exercises. I worked out sooo hard. like two hours later my body is feeling it intense.

but i'm proud of myself. instead of acting out I used that negative energy for something possitive. I just wish that my husband could do the same. Whenever he gets mad its like I have to slowly build up our relationship.

Makes me want to workout more. i forgot how much I loved that sore feeling of accomplishment. I want to get into shape again. i think i will make this my new goal. Yes make a good goal for a change.


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