Well the meeting with the rehabilitation people went … OOOKAYY i guess. I’m a little nervous about it as it’s really intensive, like I have to go in like every week at least, for an hour. I’m really really scared about someone pushing so hard for me to get back into work when I just don’t think that i’m good enough to go back. I’m not smart enough for work. I’m better of just sitting at home doing nothing. I’m good at that. No one would want to hire me. I’m too messed up. Too ugly, too fat, too pierced,Too troubled. TOO EVERYTHING that an employer doesn’t WANT! Its frusturating as hell. I honestly don’t know what i’m going to do.

A few good things are coming out of this however, they are going to make sure I have good support for my depression and they will provide psycologists if I want it. I told them that i’m allready meant to be seeing a psychaitrist and they have the contact details. The other good thing is that they will probably want to get me to see a physiotherapist for my knee. This will be a good thing. If they can help me get more strength in it and make it more stable that will definatly be a good thing.

Otherwise an uneventful day, appart from getting stuck in a massive downpour, thank god I had my umbrella. Did a little shopping, brought Dan Browns new book "The Lost Symbol" and seasons 4 and 5 of NCIS for my lil sister who is obsessed with the show. Oh and a Wii game of Trivial Pursuit. Me and mum had a game and she kicked my ass! Mind you she got heaps of easy questions. No fair if you ask me!!!

Going to have a quiet one tomorrow, probably watch the Footy grand final as a large majority of aussies will be i’m sure. I’m going for St Kilda. Common!!!!


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