I've been seeing my therapist now, for what seems like forever. When really its 2 maybe three years.I went to see her yesterday, the first time in bit over a month. Some of the things she said to me yesterday, she's said soo many times its not even funny anymore. She keeps on going on about how I need to "name feelings up"… and in doing so, it will help me get out of old habbits. She's been saying this so long now it feels like an old record! She tells me often how i need to name things up in my head when its something i tell myself over and over.. "an old story". So if i think "oh i'm going to fail this class" then i have to name it up "This old story again". I really don't see how doing this changes anything. I feel like she's been telling me this so long, that if it was going to work.. it would have by now. It leads me to two conclusions: 1 that i'm so think that it just doesn't want to sink in.. or 2.. she doesn't have any other ways of helping me, and is simply doing it so she gets the money from the government. I honestly don't know which one it is.. maybe its a bit of both. I'm not sure. I don't know if its possible to "expire" a therapist.. maybe she and myself are just past our used by date. I always feel like i'm having to hold back with her, and I still can't be 100 per cent truthful with her. We have never really touched on anything that really REALLY bothers me. I feel like i'm missing something. But i don't want to tell her how to do her job either. Shouldn't therapists push you a bit?


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