Well my sister hasnt been here for 2 weeks because she is busy at her moms (shes technically my step sis) and I have no one to talk to cuz her phone is broke and shes the only one who knows about it so I'm dying. I've prolly been cutting way more than usual because there is no one to talk to here about anything so I decided to blog about this problem.

Its not really a problem. I just…I still like him. Kind of…Like we broke up years ago so I don't know him that well anymore except a few things thru facebook. We have lots in common adn he turned his life around so like that was the reason I broke up with him before. I just want to get to know him again. And my facebook friends thing on my profile tortures me by always putting his pick in my 1st 5 so when this forward status came around I tagged him in it bcuz it said to just so I mite get his attention. I guess he is my oe regret, the one thing I would change in my life. Instead of being with him in 8th/freshmen year I would wait, be better ffriends, we would both be older and it could work. or it might not. But at least I would know. If I could just figure out how to start a convo with him I could know if I still liked him. I could get to know who he is now. Thats whqat I really want. Like I just realized my last 3 statuses have kind of centered around him. Oh whatever. I'm not meant to be with anyone anyways or I would be with them? Right? Well thats at least what my mom thinks.

Ah well now I have rambled a pointless blog out to all of you. Sorry you had to read this =/ it didn't help me much but maybe when I press submit I'll feel better….


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