• I feel like my drowning. The harder I swim, the more I sink under. My husband doesn’t understand how overwhelmed I feel on a daily basis. Apparently being a stay at home mom is a dream job. I love my girls but I miss having time to myself. I’m mommy 24/7. I’m here day after day with the screaming, crying and the choas, all while trying to clean, make appointments, cook and do everything else on barely any sleep. It’s really getting to me. I don’t feel like me anymore. I feel like a robot that’s stuck on repeat. Every day is exactly the same. I’m so stressed out that I’m gaining weight (I barely eat) and my hair is falling out. I’ve tried seeing a Dr but all that accomplished was being prescribed pills that did absolutely nothing. I just want to feel normal again. I want to be a happy person for my kids and husband….but for now, I just feel so lost and alone.
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  1. wilgib 4 years ago

    🙁 I hope you can find some relief. I use DBT (dbtselfhelp.com) exercises to help somewhat well manage my problems/mental illness. Having a wellness program to work daily can be helpful, at least it has helped me.
    Sending healing vibrations and blessed be.
    Will G 🙂

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