Did you ever stop to think maybe your wrong about everything, I have and its horrible it feels like your dying and every ones just watching but that feeling is literally the world, every one is slowly dying all your born for is to reproduce then die so the world keeps working. Maybe that’s the hell that we live in or maybe its just how I look at the world.

Feeling. Ah, the only thing that makes you wanna die and makes you know your alive. Its a endless cycle of feeling. And it sucks. We can choose not to feel but that would be selfish of us, because you need to feel to Love others.

Death. Its inevitable. Its gonna happen. Theres no way to stop it. And it hurts less to see the people you care about die then to know there watching you die and that there hurting. Its a cycle of pain that theres no way out of.

Love. I believe that love is possible. Most people refer to love as Man and Woman and thats bullshit if a Women loves a Women or a Man loves a Man who is anyone else to judge if they are not in love with that person they have no clue why you love that person and they love you.

Society. It tells you to be yourself then tells you not that way. Its confusing. A picture does not depict how a person actually looks. A picture can lie more than words to be totally honest. Instagram models make all people jealous but they either dont look like that or are rude as hell. Not saying all of them are but alot of them are.

Trust. It is needed in anything that involves more then one person or else its constant questions and lies. Its needed to find happiness or love or sadness because for happy you need to trust the reason your happy and for sadness a trust needs to be broken and To love you need to trust.

  1. eastafrique 6 years ago

    The first paragraph is my new worldview.

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