I’ve been dealing with a move and a whole lot of anxiety, self-doubt, self-conciseness, and just over all feeling like crap. I’ve tried to make new friends at my new school, but it seems impossible after all the rumors that have been spread about me at my old school. Whenever I’m alone it all comes back to me and makes me feel worse. The rumors ruined any social life I had, and I basically had a huge wall around me to avoid meeting new people because they might end up hurting me again. So please if anyone knows anyways to help with this, please comment to help me.

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  1. incogneato 8 months ago

    Time is a hell of a thing. It broke down a lot of relationships and things I thought would last forever, but it also opened a door or two.
    I literally don’t talk to nearly anyone I knew from school anymore, and more shockingly, a guy that was my bully and attacked me with a stapler once, ended up getting me a job years later.

    Whatever this past you have is, no one is going to remember it forever. It’ll make things tough for a time but it took will pass. New people are going to hurt you, let you down, and rise you up then put you back together. May be even the same people just years apart.
    Just cast a wide net and you’ll find the ones that stick around

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