Hey guys. I was looking around in a drawer and I found something I wrote:









Please, don't let me fall.

I need you.

But I don't deserve you.

Take my hands,

I want to be free.

It's killing me.

Slowly, but painfully.

I can't take it.

You are my only hope,

You are my Savior, my Lord.




I can't battle this alone. 

I'm giving up.


I need you right now.

But I'm so scared.

I don't want to go back

to the way it was.

It's painful to remember that.

But I'm so scared of the future.




I should believe you

and have faith,


but I feel like that's not for me,

because I don't deserve You.

I don't deserve anything.

Because I don't know

what I'm doing here.

Because I don't know 

my purpose.




And I'm ashamed.

I feel guilty.


I'm sorry.

And I don't know

what to do with myself.

It's calling me.

But I can't fall 

into its game.

I don't want to

go back to that.




The scars are still breathing

and it's now a painful reminder


of my mistakes.

Please, God.

Help me keep living.

I don't know how much

I can keep up.

Give me strength,

'Cuz I will need it.











Thanks for reading all the way down here. 

I wanted to share it with you.

What do you think? Do you feel like that?

Can you relate?









Ps: Link to the song I was listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmohr-knqXE

I think you should open it in a new window. 

God bless you.



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  1. ocdmama 12 years ago

    Hey hun yes i can relate alot!HUGS 🙂

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