WEll todayis monday and well i went to the gym and talked to Pooh and we had an intresting conversation. WEll first of all i'm so confused its like i'm here but i'm not here its weird really he says all the right things to me but does things that make me wonder. ok well heres the deal i'm in a relationship for almost 7yrs now and all we seem to be doing is fighting and not really getting along mainly because i'm just not happy with myself i just don't feel like being the backbone of the relationship anymore i'm so tired of always fighting for us to be right or happy and he just sits back and watches as i struggle to put us together. So i'm over it i'm tired of fighting and i'm just going to let happen what is going to happen. Then i meet POOH and he's a friend in disguse well he's my "Trainer" he doesn't work at the gym but knows his stuff and he's teaching me a couple things so its started. Since everything at home has been going sucky then i decide ok maybe he and i can be friends and he can give me advise to certain things. So we talk and now i find myself liking this man and i'm so confused because this man is so not my live-in boyfriend and he's always buliding me up telling me to feel better about myself he compliments me more than my live-in boyfruiend ever did. So why can another man be more senstive to my feelings or moods and my man can't. Also another thing is that i feel like since i've became a stay at home mom some five years ago i never thought that i was going to lose myself my identity. i can't remember the last time i was the real me. So what should i do


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