I noticed that the majority of my blogs are rantings and negative so I will post one in our happy moment! Of course, we have our ups and downs. It's natural. But now that my honey has gotten a job there are more ups than usual. After that last incident in January I have changed my phone number which has greatly improved our lives! It might seem like a controlling thing to do, but I had seriously been wanting to change my number for the last few years just never got around to doing it. But anyway, we are getting married Nov 9, 2013!! Setting the date was actually brought up by my fiancee. IT WASN'T ME! Lol, he just asked me when we were going to get married and I said oh like in a year or two and but he kept asking, yeah I know but WHEN? Then I thought about it. November 9 was the day we met in 2010. We hold that day as our anniversary. He asked me to marry him Nov 9 2011 and low and behold November 9th falls on a Saturday next year. So TA DA, we have our date. At first, I was being a little hesitant about planning because I'm so subconsciously scared that he'll change his mind and that fear crossed over into my conscious mind. Well, just a couple of weeks ago he starts asking me about the wheres and whats of our wedding so on Monday of this week I guess an angel finally lit a match under my behind and I now have the where's taken care of, the dress is in pursuit and I know what my centerpieces are going to look like. I have really gotten on the ball in figuring out the details. So being that I was more excited than he was I asked him what was up with that. He said it's not that he's not any less excited that I am, he's just nervous about the entire planning process that accompanies a wedding ceremony. He even said that HE was scared that I would back out on him before then! Talk about a weird little circle! So this whole timeI was afraid that he'd change his mind and he's afraid that I'll change my mind. Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't I said this before that usually what we fear about each other is the same thing the other one fears? It's like he's iTunes and I'm an iPod and we both have downloaded the same updates we just hadn't synced yet. It's kind of ironic and funny how what we both fear about each other is always the same. Anyway, I think the lows that we go through are not meant to hurt us or make us feel bad. They're meant to help us appreciate each other. Have a great week!!


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