And lets, face it, all I do is rant here… Not sure why that's all I do, but it seems like the only think I know I can be confortable doing.

So, first off, my body started rejecting the medication it's been on for 9 years. Apprently, people are not supposed ot be on birth control that long. But without it, my PCOS becomes rather hard to handle. I was beginning to retain a lot of water, even my shins were aching with the swelling I was getting and it was every day. My doctors told me I needed to change it or I'll get worse. The alternative? An $800 IUD. It lastes 5 years, sure, but I don't htink they'll give me that long to pay it off. It's also not reccomended for women who havn't had children before, but it's the only one with hormones in it (which is the reason I have to take the medication). Thankfully, my BF is willing to pay half, but even then, I don't know if I can afford the other $400 (since my tax return will be going to my car insurance that's due and even that is more than the refund).

The other rant that I've got is work. I don't understand what is with everything these days. Absolutely no one is proud of their job any more. There's no "quality over quantity" at all. It's all "Discount this, discount that!" and in the end the company itself can't afford decent materials to make their product decent because very consumer wants to cut corners, and penny pinch since the cost of living now requires a two income household, minimum. I work full time, and with my wages, I still qualify for low income housing! It used to be that a man could afford his whole family, but now you need at least both parents to work, and sometimes a child too! This ruins the raising of said children because they're shoved off on schools and daycare and neither the schools nor the daycare can do any 'child rearing' for the parents without becomming liable for leagal action against them.

Now I'm stuck at my job, and all I can think about is the garbage people pull. We lose customers left and right because half of them are either taking advantage of us (by hopping offers and quitting between them) or my coworkers are giving them free months (I work at a newspaper). I know newspapers are going down like the Titanic, but at least let us keep enough money for our paychecks and equipment repairs! Instead, I get yelled at for not erasing money owed to us by customers who already have a discount ontop of that.

I try my hardest to keep things as fair as possible, but all I ca n think about these days is "we (as humans) have F'ed ourselves over!" Everywhere I look, all we've done with ourselves is see how well we can royally ruin ourselves. It's like if a dog had gone crazy, ripped a wound in itself, rubbed the wound in poop, and continually made sure to keep the wound open and exposed to the worst germs possible. It's pure self destruction! We let corporations take over people's lives and make the people liable for any screw up the corporation has done!

It used to be, in the very old days that fairy tales were gruesome and horrific. These tales were not for fantasy enjoyment, but threts of "what will happen" if you aren't a good person. Lessons learned such as "don't turn the needy away", and "accept gifts graciously". We're now down to barbaric "If you don't work, Grandma, you don't eat!" What the hell kind of society are we? Why do we pray on ourselves so much? Why must we destroy ourselvs and, on top of that, feel justified in doing so? What is wrong with us?


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