through the years i have been dealing with this disease i have found out that it begins and ends with you. i have been fighting with myself to try and figure out which one of my sides is right. struggling with what is right and wrng is hard when everything but the back of your mind is telling you wrong. its hard to think that your own mind would be taunting you and lying to you. the more you think about it the more it overcomes you. i couldnt do a lot because of my ocd, but what i did do, i overcame a lot of it.


this disease took a lot a time away from me and took a toll on myself. it took me a while to figure out why i had to do certin things others didnt even think of and how to do things, and why i had to do them. i did these things certin ways or couldnt do these things certin ways because i HAVE ocd. ocd interferred with my life in a lot of ways before, from being the smallest things in the world- not being able to step on the lines in the sidewalk to being things that got in the way of my life- getting in and out of things as many times my brain told me to, to not being able to do anything with certin numbers that still and right now are getting in the way sometimes. at times my ticks wouldnt even be activated but there were and are still days to come that i know i will struggle with. overcoming these days will prove to myself how strong i am and how i can figure this disease out by myself. i have foughten off my little ticks untill now i barely even get them anymore. i can throw little unvauleble items away, use the delete key on my phone and the computer, and even lock my phone. to everyone else this may seem like a joke and something that others dont even think twice on use to seem like thw world to me. i beleieve that i can and will overcome the bigger ticks in my life even though that doctors and therapists say that their hasnt been a cure found yet. i believe that within yourself you can find your own cure. maybe some of what they say is true MAYBE there wont be a definite cure for ocd. but what i have found for myself it seems to be working pretty well. and i promise if you fight back with your ticks you will win, and youll fight with the staticstics. if you are really struggling with this disease it gets worse before it gets better and once you get past the worse phase the better part is worth it 1000x over. fight your cumpulsions.

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  1. OCD47 7 years ago

    I couldn't have said it any better.. Keep up the fight..

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