I want to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror seeing someone I love. To look down at my body and not feel ashamed. To have the courage to take my shirt off in front of the one I love without worrying what they’ll think of my scars.

I want to love someone and know they love me back, flaws and all. To tell them my story and have them still smile at me. To love someone that thinks I’m handsome and says “I love you”.

I want to have a child that says “I love my dads”. To raise my child and love them with all I have. To give them advice and help them through their worst moments.

I want to have a job I love without worrying what people think of me. To say “I belong here”. To think about my job and not “what if they find out?” or “do they really like me or are they just pretending?”

I want to walk down the street and not worry that someone might kill me because I love men. To date people and tell them my story and not worry that they might kill me because I “don’t have the right genitals.”

I want so much in this world. Some of my wants may seem unlikely to cis straight people. Some of my wants are part of a normal day to cis straight people that they don’t realize some people don’t have them. I’m not saying that cis straights should be ashamed. Not at all. I’m just saying that I shouldn’t have to worry about dying constantly because I don’t fit into others views.

I don’t want to always be a political statement. To have to hide myself from friends and family. To worry that if I come out then my family and friends will leave me. Or beat me. Or kill me. Or slaughter everybody that’s that same as me.

I want a normal life. I don’t want to die.


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