Hey guys, I wanted to say Hi.

My name’s Quin B. I am transgender, ftm, and a proud member of the lgbtq+. If anyone needs to talk about lgbtq+ stuff or anything really, I’d be happy to listen.

So, I realized I was trans when I was thirteen. Around the time I’d become depressed, and had issues there. I starting seeing someone, and very slowly came out. At first I thought I was non binary, but realized I wasn’t, and had to do the process all over again.

I wish we could not have to come out. I wish we could be ourselves without the whole coming out part. I wish we could just walk around holding girlfriends hands, or boyfriends, or partners, and not be ridiculed. I wish the word gay, wasn’t used negatively, it’s a wonderful thing. I wish people didn’t say “that’s so gay” or “you look like lesbians.”

Being lgtbq+ isn’t bad, and it never was.

Sorry, I went on a rant there.

Anyhow, I came out to friends, family, my school as transgender. I sent an email to my teacher—she hasn’t responded. So far, everyone’s been accepting. My grandpa and grandma on both sides of the family have trouble, but are trying. I’m glad there trying, and I know they’ll get there eventually. Sometimes it’s hard.

I’m extremely glad I’m in a accepting community, and extremely lucky. For all who are struggling, hang in there. It get’s better! I promise.

Right now, actually today I had an appointment for a possible testosterone prescription, and well my family and I missed it. My mom got the time mixed. I’m not mad at her though.

I don’t know what to do…I’m extremely disappointed, and the next appointment is in a month. I don’t know if I can wait that long in this wrong body…

I’ll be okay though.

I always get back up.


At least I’m going to get meds so my periods stop–I don’t know what I do if that wasn’t happening. At least it’s only a month for T.

Anyhow for all that are struggling, it gets better. I promise. If anyone needs to talk I am here.



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