Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Don’t be afraid to show people who you are.

Don’t be afraid to be you.

Or show people your personality.

But most of all,

Don’t change just to “fit in”.

Because no one can be completely perfect. You. Me. Society. Everyone has a different definition of perfection and to yourself, you should be perfect.

Because there’s a point in your life, a fork in the path which is surrounded by autumn trees, leaves red and orange, full of colour, where you will have to choose. Change for yourself or change for others. And that’s just the “nice” way of putting it. The real way of putting it is;

Save yourself or save a stranger’s ways.

Do you want to become part of the society that forces people to think they need to change?

Of course not. Everyone deserves their own little piece of forever, their own little piece of happiness. If they change, they need to change for themselves because otherwise, they lose themselves and who they really are in a void called “society”.

The same “society” that makes girls think they NEED make-up to look pretty.

The same “society” where if a boy does something a girl does, it makes them gay.

The same “society” where if you don’t abide their rules, you’re cast away and disappear and no one notices.

But these perfect imperfections are what make you, you! And you shouldn’t change yourself for anyone. You deserve to be you and that’s why you’re the way you are. You’re not alone and the tribe is a great example of it! There are people like you who believe that you’re the greatest and amazing and don’t need to change. You deserve to save yourself and put yourself first. Hear it from me.

If no one else tells you this, then hear it from me. I think you belong here and deserve to be here just the way you are.

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    Thanks for your blog!

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