Tonight was pure shit. Terrifying for me. If I knew that this was going to happen when I woke up this morning, I would have stayed in bed or at the very least avoided this dreadful thing known as the internet.

I was upset and angry so I decided to post a bit on the MySpace forums. I don’t usually do this because the first time I tried years ago, it wouldn’t load so I gave up on it altogether. But now that I have a better connection and laptop, it loads just fine although I wish it didn’t.

Some guy made a thread basically stating that all women are idiots and bitches. He said that boyfriends and husbands are merely settling when they pick just one girl to be with and are cheating themselves sexually. He also said that a guy could get 100+ girls just as hot as his partner or even hotter and that any guy who can’t is just a loser. Oh, and on his profile, he lists himself as being 42 years old but says he’ll only date girls between the ages of 18 and 21.

Well, I responded by saying that it looks like his default picture is a mug shot and that he’s obviously an abuser and is trolling MySpace for girls half his age. Then I sarcastically asked, "Were you picked up for pedophilia or domestic abuse?" and the next thing I know, this guy is messaging me threatening to sue me for "defamation".

I told him that I feared for my safety and told him to leave me alone or I’d contact campus safety and if they found him to be dangerous, they’d ban him from the campus. I said what I did because we’re currently in the same state only 5 hours away by car. I was very uncomfortable with this fact given his behavior.

He still messaged me back though and was just as threatening and hostile. He accused me of being a cyberbully and when I told him to leave me alone, he responded again…just before I could block him -_-…accusing me, yet again, of cyberbullying him even though I was the one fearing for my life and in tears.

But here’s a testament to how much my boyfriend really cares — He knew I was upset so he kept trying to calm me down. He also went around and reported the posts this guy was making that were hostile and hateful and threatening. He then checked my MySpace for me to see if other people could see any of my personal information because leave it up to Tom there to make the 2.0 profiles harder to keep track of. >.< He checked all of my pictures and my blogs and the front of my profile itself. And here it is…1:30am his time and he’s yawning…but still awake with me.

I was so freaked out though that I asked for help on a support site I visit and then texted two friends and messaged another on MySpace that I met on said support site. I was freaked out and am still upset somewhat…can he really sue me for defamation over that? He was so pissed off that after I blocked him, he went on that thread he’d made and continued to attack me there saying that I belonged in prison and that what I did said carries a two year prison sentence. Isn’t that ironic? He accuses me of cyberbullying and yet he’s so hostile and pissed off that he messages me three times…and I mean, this nut was waiting for my response, just sitting there waiting and I can tell because, let’s just say I answered now, at 4:40…he’d have a full length response back to me no later than 4:45. That means he would have had to have read my response, typed up his answer, and sent it back in no more than five mintues, if even that. He was shooting out shit so fast that he managed to get that last response in before I blocked him. -_-

I’m still shaken up and scared, scared enough to seriously consider reporting him to campus security because 5 hours away by car isn’t a whole lot for a psycho looking to off you and I wasn’t kidding when I said that this guy’s default picture looks like a mug shot. I don’t know how much info he would have been able to gather from the little bit of my profile that wasn’t private…a few blog entries and pictures…but I don’t care, some people are really fucked up in this world and I don’t mean Depressed/Anxious/Bipolar/OCD/ADHD/ETC. fucked up like we all think and say we are sometimes…I mean, "I’m going to kidnap you and skin you alive." fucked up and frankly, I don’t want to end up on you guys’ early morning news.

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  1. x10122007 13 years ago

    He was so fucking pissed off and hostile that he made like 6 posts back to back in his own thread. He said that we women are contemptible and that most of us have been abused and/or cheated on so we attack “innocent” men like him. He even told one girl who wasn’t even online anymore who had been totally calm and civil with him that her fiance will cheat on her no doubt because no man who isn’t a loser settles. He was responding about every two minutes and you know what? I believe what I said. At first, it was a mainly a sarcastic comment stemming from a general feeling that he’s abusive but I don’t feel that sarcasm anymore, he’s harassing females left and right. I think the only people he’s attacking ARE females actually. One guy laughed in his face, the only good guy there, and he didn’t even flinch.

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