with each and every passing day I have come to see that too much time is passing me and I might actually be catching up to being done here on earth. Friday will mark six weeks since "who knew" from my best friend. We had some minor contact last week, but I am not complete with anything about her. I'm not sure I can be. I've posted some pictures on here. I spend more time looking at my myspace than here, but have come to see I should make more time on here because the people I can't share my feelings with on myspace will not know to read my blogs on here. I will be able to vent more openly about Joseph, the kid who once saved me from where I am once again, my not the best friend, and things I want to get out of my system. Oh back to the pictures. The pictures with the boobs, were from a happier time in my life that is now gone with that best friend who says she is going to talk to me tomorrow, but tomorrow takes more than a day… LOL I like the cats in the swimware. No matter how bad you are feeling I hope you can find the strength to laugh at the cats swimware. Oh, and the fog… well I kept getting asked how I was doing… and well you know there aren't really any words I can truly use to describe what I am feeling, but then in chat one night someone helped me see the "fog". How are you? I'm in a fog. FOG!!! Oh, I have to post the watermellon picture too. So I've been up almost 24 hours and I am done for the day. I'm going sleepy sleep. See you in the clouds.


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