So let me get my rants off my chest first lol. My husband and I have been cleaning our house and rearranging bedroom furniture pretty much all day. Everytime I go to sit down for a break I feel anxious. Like my body is havin a hard time going from physical activity to just sitting still. When I get up moving again the anxiety is less. Unless I am standing still. It's so frustrating. 

   Also, I have woke up every day this week with a headache that subsides by bedtime. It's not enough of a headache to take imitrex but more than just a little nagging headache. My hormones must just be havin a hay day lol. Probably also help if the house humidifier was actually turned on haha.

   My doctor's nurse called me and said so far, cross your fingers, my tests results are not showing signs of Diabetes. They had to send out one of the tests to another lab however and it may take a while to get back. That's what happens with military hospitals. They will send it to other military labs and it takes a few weeks to get back. Anyways, the nurse said that the Dr. also wanted to test me for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the test results they have gotten back for that are positive but they have not gotten it all back. I am not sure what all tests they do for that or anything. So should be interesting to hear the rest of that. I have known for a while something was off with my body and hormone testing done before but somehow it was overlooked. So I am a bit confused. They had told me my hormone levels were all normal. Now I am being told this. lol. I am just trying to keep a sense of humor and an open mind about it.

 So here comes the RAVES!! My husband has been spoiling me quite rotten lately. He bought me my own lap top computer so when I can't sleep I am not having to use his or come all the way downstairs in the middle of the night. He also bought me a really nice recliner for the bedroom. My psychologist suggested that I not use the laptop, read a book or watch tv while in bed. That maybe that is why I take so long to fall asleep. He said in order to retrain my brain that I should read, use the laptop and watch tv in a chair and then when I start to feel sleepy get into bed. If I become wide awake again to just start the process over again. So we are going to try that. I am excited about my new lamp and recliner. Lol he even bought me a nice throw blanket for the recliner. 

   The only downside to this is that we had to rearrange our bedroom furniture. I do not cope with change at all. It can be the dumbest smallest thing and it still will aggrivate my anxiety. Yes even good change that I am going to love and am excited about. Sigh. It wasn't always this way. Just since April of '08.

   Also wanted to tell everyone about an awesome sight.  The guy that started was posting his video logs on youtube but was getting negative comments from some people. He suffers from anxiety and was documenting his journey. It's just a shame that there are people out there that will leave negative comments instead of encouragement but anyways, he made a great site for anxiety sufferers. It is go check it out. It is free and the people are really nice there. You can check out other's videos of their anxiety journey and network as well. I love it.

   O.k. take care everyone!


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