I got in trouble today for adding my aunt on Facebook. Let me explain.


My aunt Georgie left her husband of 3 months, Robert, not too long ago. He came back from Iraq & they got married. But he had a case of post traumatic stress. He would sparatically flip out with anger. He’d never lay a hand on her or their baby, Nicholas, but he would scream & storm around. So she left him after 3 months & took Nick with her. A week later, she got a boyfriend named Sammie. She’s been going out with this guy for maybe a month now. My mother absolutely hates her now. She’s called her stupid, & now she’s starting to call her a whore. She says that Georgie was having an affair. But how does she know? She’s so quick to jump to conclusions without confronting the problem and/or the people in the problem. Then, to make it all worse, Georgie went out & got the guy’s last name tattooed on her back. He got her first name tattooed on his leg. So now, Georgie won’t stay out of her conversation. She talks crap about her so much, but never to her face. Anyway, about the tattoos. She said she wanted to see them & that they were on Facebook. So I told her I’d look them up for her. When I found my aunt, I had to add her to see the pictures, so I sent the request. The moment after I clicked "Send Request" she told me not to add her. So I had to wait for her to add me, then delete her. I told her that I had to delete her. After that, I walked up the street to see my boyfriend, Zack. Twenty minutes later, she calls me, screaming at me that I opened up a can of worms, telling me that Georgie told her that I said she wasn’t allowing me to talk to her. She flipped out, no matter how many times I told her I didn’t say that, & hung up on me. So I continued having fun with my boyfriend & friend, pushing what had happened out of my head. She called back again 5 minutes later telling me to come home. On the porch, she screamed at me again, then told me to go back to my boyfriend’s house because she didn’t want to see my face. She also told me that I was to delete my Facebook when I got home. So here I am, sitting at home, all my friends questioning why I deleted them out of nowhere.


I’m so tired of my family dogging each other. I mean, I NEVER see my whole family all at once. It’s gotten so bad. We’ve seperated so much. We have a "drunk side" of the family, we critisize one another, & we even declare some of us dead to others. I don’t get it. This is NOT what a family is supposed to be. We’re supposed to be here for when one of us gets in trouble. We’re supposed to be supportive. We’re supposed to love each other. Why is my family so dysfunctional? Why does my aunt force her 11 year old to take care of her 4 other children? Why did my grandmother beat all her kids just for the hell of it? Why did everyone hate me before I even had a chance to develop a personality? Why doesn’t my father call me or try to keep in touch with me at all? Why don’t I see the "drunk side" of my family once in a while? We hate each other. & I can’t seem to understand why…All I know is that I absolutely HATE the way my family has become. This isn’t a family. This is a business, where everyone is mad at the other because they filed the paperwork wrong. This business is going down the toilet.

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  1. redhead20 13 years ago

    I just read your blog and wanted to say how sorry I am that you are having such a rough time. Your mom is sounding really immature, and I”m 21, so I shouldn”t have to say that about a mother. I don”t know anything about you or your situation, but have you told your mother how much stress this puts you through and, though you”re not judging her or her actions (actually a lie of course) you think it would really help you to stay out of the things going on between family members and her? I mean, if you”re already clinically depressed, the least thing she can do is be supportive of you and sometimes that means not bitching about life…because you prob already feel like life sucks if you”re depressed…you don”t need more reminders. take care


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