i'm so sick of this town,

with all of it's lies.

i'm so sick of this school,

with all of it's fakers.

i'm so sick of the same thing everyday,

with all the pointless moments.

i'm so sick of being told to think a certain way,

with all the possibilities that are out there.

i'm so sick of being unhappy,

with knowing that happiness is somewhere.

i'm so sick of fake people,

with all of their lies.

i just wish that things could be different for once.

i feel like no matter how hard i try,

i'm nothing but a failure.

i just wish all the closed minded people would realize how much i don't care what they have to say.

yeah, i'm different but i'm sorry that i want more than a town with a population of 1,000 people and a bunch of cowboys.

i'm sorry i can't stand your stupid country music, and that i would much rather be in a mosh pit than square dancing.

i'm so sick of not being happy,

because i'm not harming anyone by being myself but thats sure how this hick town makes me feel.

eventhough i've lived here my whole life, i don't feel like this is my home, i feel so out of place and unwelcome here.

sorry i don't wear cowboy boots, big belt buckles, drive a huge farm truck, wear camo, and have blonde hair.

i'm not sorry that i have bright red hair, wear vans and bennies, also wear skinny jeans and drive a sports car.

i'm not sorry that i have good taste in music and that i can sing without sounding like a dying cat.

i'm not sorry that i don't like country music but that i love screamo.

i'm not sorry that i have bigger plans of moving to new york where i can walk outside and see other people like me and walk into almost anywhere and see a new band.

i'm not sorry for being me.

i'm sorry you're all too close minded to understand why i hate it here.

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  1. HannahJill006 11 years ago

     I felt the same why when I was 16. What I can tell you, is that things get soooo much better when you get out of high school. Where I live we even had this program where I was able to take classes at the community college and get high school and college credits. All I had to do was buy the books. High school is so lame and once your out, things get a whole heck of a lot better. You have a lot of courage by standing out and being yourself. That was something that was so hard for me and I wished I would have been better at it. Trust me, things get better. You go girl! 

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