I am here today to spread the gospel of lavender. Today was my first day of Ativan where I had the whole day to myself to deal with the anxiety on my own. I had a bit of a rough patch in the mid-morning, but I took an Ativan (after taking one maybe an hour earlier) and laid down on the bed. I was actually able to rest on the bed, which is a huge improvement. Previously, any time I tried to lay down on the bed during the day, I was met with heightened anxiety, restlessness, and a strange disintegrating feeling. Not so today. So I am down to my last two Ativan pills, which I plan on using tomorrow, and then hopefully my psychiatrist will call me back regarding a prescription for panic attacks. I don’t know if he’ll want to continue me on Ativan or prescribe something else. What does all this have to do with lavender?

I just received my lavender essential oil in the mail, it smells divine. I have decided to start an intensive lavender therapy- lavender essential oil on pulse points, kept nearby to inhale, 2 cups of lavender tea, and lavender oil capsules. I’ve taken them in the past, they really do help, and I read that studies show that lavender oil capsules are as effective as lorazepam (Ativan). It will be cheaper, more aesthetically pleasing, and purely natural as opposed to another pharmeceutical. I ordered a pack of 30 from Amazon, it will arrive tomorrow. So my tea routine is thus: 3 cups of Sencha in the early morning, white tea mid-morning (either Organic White or White Rose), and 2 cups of lavender tea just before noon. Then in the afternoon I will drink the Tulsi Cleanse, and then have just water until bedtime, at which I should have another lavender, this time with valerian.

I hope I can remember this routine. Every time I try to come up with a routine of some kind, I end up forgetting it. For example, my morning routine should look like this: Make my husband’s tea and breakfast, make tea for myself. Wash face, put on toner and argan oil with lavender. Oil pulling for ten minutes, then brush with miswak. Eat breakfast, brush again with miswak. Brush hair. Dry brush my body. Get dressed.

My nightly routine is much simpler: brush hair, wash face, brush teeth with miswak, put on night face cream and night decollete cream. That’s it. But doing so is so conducive to rest and relaxation, I can tell the difference when I skip it. I might add putting on lavender essential oil to pulse points to my morning and nightly routines. The lavender is a super healer for anxiety. Just inhaling it helps so much. This day has actually gone by quite nicely. It’s already 4:21, my husband will be home in half an hour. The Tulsi Cleanse tea isn’t very tasty, but that could also be because I just took two sprays of peppermint CBD oil. Oh well. Medicine isn’t always supposed to taste good.

So this is day 5 of feeling somewhat better. It hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been tolerable. I’m going to go check my email now, I’m expecting an important document. Thanks for reading!

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  1. tylerlynntaws1989 8 months ago

    Lavender and Ativan sounds like an interesting combination. Lavender does work wonders. Auroma therapy is really good therapy. I use it sometimes. I love the smell of pure Lavender. It is so relaxing. Get some Lavender bath beads. Have a relaxing good time.

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