Last week my friend Jenn, who I haven’t seen in a couple of months called and invited me to go to a big haunted house just outside of Branson with her and some friends that also know as good aquaintances I guess you’d say. I did good in not thinking about it all week. . last night was the night and as Curtis drove us to meet everyone I could feel my nerves creeping in. heh. I hid them well as I reunited with everyone, I miss them, but inside I just wanted to curl up in a ball. We all headed to Branson, a little late, Curtis and me went in his car, that I was glad for. As we were driving we past Branson and me and Curtis thought we had to have past it . . but Jenn kept driving so we just followed. . it was raining hard too. . my nerves just kept getting worse. . my arms and legs were starting to get sore from the tension. . I hate that. Curtis was so sweet and realized my anxiety was pretty bad, but I told him I didn’t want to back out of it now just because of my nerves. Anyway, after we turned around and drove 30 minutes going the way we just came we found it. . . and it was CLOSED. blah!
But the most amazing thing happened! heh. . I told Curtis that I was more nerveous about hanging out with so many people than I was about the Haunted House. . so just the two of us hung out all night long. We went to the park, sat on this rock over a pond they I have that I love. . I got cold but he put his arm around me to keep my warm. . then we went to my place and ate some mac and cheese and watched tv. .
I am SOO head over hills for this guy. . . and I am SOO close to ending my singleness. . lol. But we’re both so shy. . so things are moving so slow compared to what I’m used to. . and its driving me nuts!
Ok, that ended up longer than I meant. . I ramble alot. hehe :biggrin:


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