Yesterday I went over to my fiance's parents house to eat dinner. Her step mom is into politics and doesn't see how I can be an Obama supporter but yet her and her husband are in the lower income bracket but yet they believe that republicans are out to help them. Yeah right, give me a break. Lol. She stated that too many people rely on the system and that people need to start getting off their asses and work. She went on to say that she thinks that I can be doing more than I can. Warning, extreme language coming so if you don't like this type of language, you might want to hit the back button. Lol. I said “you have no fuckin clue what the hell I go through on a day to day basis. If you felt what I feel everyday, you would be sitting in a corner crying. My life is hell but I keep on trucking”. I wanted to say more but I can't piss them off too much because then my fiancé gets upset at me. I'm tired of people acting like I mooch off of the government because I am on SSDI. I'm on it for a reason! I wanted to tell her “are you doing everything that you can do for your family? Because last time I checked you are perfectly healthy and have a shit job. Also, your husband blames Obama for him losing his job. It wasn't Obama's fault that the plant that he worked at moved to Kentucky, it was your union reps fault for demanding too much when Kentucky was glad to welcome them”. All her parents are in my eyes right now are a bunch of hillbilly, narrow minded pricks. Her mom, who we rarely visit, never brings up the fact that I don't work right now because she has an understanding of it due to being in the medical field. Oh I just thought of something else. Her dad and step mom have a 17 yr old and a 16 yr old to take care of. I mentioned to her dad that since he doesn't have a job that he should go through training at a trucking company and he can make all kinds of money. What was his response? Oh I want to be home every night. Well then don't bitch about there being no jobs out there when you are perfectly able to drive a semi. He just wants to sit at home and smoke up all day. I have no sympathy for people that are perfectly able to work and are too lazy to do it. He always took voluntary layoffs when his company offered them. Ah. That is going to be the end of my rant for now. I needed to let off some steam because I can't do it on Facebook and I know you guys understand me better than most of the people that I'm friends with on Facebook and people that I can call. Sorry about the vulgar language that was included in this blog. I don't like to do that but sometimes there are things that I just need to let out. Have a good one!

  1. Mo 9 years ago

    Absolutely fantastic vent….thanks for sharing it.
    Did they serve squirrel for dinner lol?
    I am right there with you on the whole issue. Most people are ignorant about mental health diagnosis and how that is a GENUINE disabilty; you can\'t see it physically.
    My inlaws are staunch Rpublicans…..they choose their words very carefully when I am around so as not to set me off lol. (I am on SSD)
    That was a great [email protected] blog man.

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  2. bigtruck9449 9 years ago

    Thank you for the comments! I understand that people use the system on a daily basis but it just irritates the hell out of me that they can be so blind to the fact that I go through hell on a daily basis. I would never wish a panic attack upon someone but it\'s almost as if they would actually have to go through one that is as severe as mine to understand what it is like. Mo, they did not serve squirrel for dinner lol. Her husband can\'t say anything to me about getting any type of government assistance because my fiance has told me on numerous occasions that he has been on welfare many times. Does he stick up for me around his wife? No. He is too damn chicken to do so.

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