Hey guys its me again with a nother blog, i am writng this tonight because i am bored and part of it well just wanted to tell you guys in on some intresting news. Tomrrow i am going on a trip with my church group,.We are going to the city ( not saying where so u don't track me down lol ) And we are doing a mall scavinger hunt , i am hoping the pastor will let us shop for a little bit so i am brining money just incase.. After the mall we are doing dinner i guess not sure where unless its going to be in the mall food court , or somewhere nice. I hope its mchdonlads or burrgerking but ti will probabbly be something that the whole group is okay with.. Then after dinner we are going to watch the packers practice so i am hoping it wont rain because my mom says they don't practice in the rain, but i am praying and praying that it wont rain till at least after we leave to go home. or whatever. So i wont be home will 9:30 pm well 10:00 pm most likely because i live out in the country and the church is 30 minutes away so i am going to be dead tiried.. But all in all its going to be a fun day, hopefully if it dose not rain and i dont get to tired.

If anyone here is a christian or cathlioc please pray that i wont get tired durring the trip or anything like that and that i wont rain to watch the packers practice. Thank you. If u know who the packers are then you prob guessed what city i am going to . But don't try to track me down lol.

Sincerly kimberly.

ps : i think this blog is better then my last one. I will upload photos from the trip to b/c i am bringing my camerea/ipad along with me. :


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