So. Got the car back. New battery. Got to work fine this morning, but noticed that two reading lights and the door lights were on and wouldn't go off.

Came out of work 8.5 hours later–no juice in the car. At this time I am royally mad at my mechanic for installing the new battery but not figuring out what drained the old one. Called them and told them about the lights and that my battery was dead again. I asked if they'd put in a new fuse, and he said no. He said he'd send out a service call.

One of the mechanics came out to give me a jump. He was the one who had put in the new radiator. He got it going, then took a look. Lo and behold…the interior lights switch was turned all the way to the right–which turned on the reading lights and the dome lights.

Social anxiety then colored me embarrassed. How had I not noticed that?

I took a long drive to charge up the battery, going out by the airport and then taking a roundabout way to get to my favorite Chinese restaurant. I made sure the dial was OFF when I got out of my car.

So that's solved. I'm exhausted from moving furniture at work for two days. I got a little bit of a break when the consumables manager asked me to set up some sale displays for her. My arms are sore, I'm sleepy, but I have band rehearsal tonight–we're four weeks away from competition and I am way behind in learning my music.

It is in my crisis times that I find that sometimes crisis breeds resourcefulness, and sometimes crises really don't need to happen.

Day off tomorrow. Hubby's birthday was yesterday, so we are going to his favorite burger joint tomorrow when they offer free birthday burgers for that week's birthdays. I am looking forward to a good night's sleep.

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  1. BlueSky90 10 years ago

    Yeah, I wish it weren't so full of excitement like this, though!

    Last night I read through some people's funny stories from their houses of worship and was laughing hysterically, so I was on a weird high last night.

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