I made the mistake of staying up way too late last night reading. At least you could consider that productive. But it's 1:30 in the afternoon now and I'm still tired. I woke up because it's so unbelievably hot in my room.

Normally, I'd wander over to my Mom's room and go back to sleep because Lord knows that she's been awake since no later than 10:00am. Her room is always darker and cooler than mine. =/ But today, when I got up to switch rooms, Dad was in the living room so I decided it'd be best if I stayed awake, at least while he's around because if he saw me going into her room to sleep a little longer, he'd make some nasty comment about me sleeping too much.

I keep feeling like I need more sleep, I need more rest before I can do anything. I just can't get up, I can't clean my room, I can't do my laundry, I can't visit my Gram, I can't call my school about co-op plans, I can't do anything at all. It's too hot and I always feel like I'm too worn out, like I've been working all day or I'm sick and need to rest before I can get up and do anything again.

I think I might lie back down for a while, see how I feel, and then take a bath and hope it makes me feel good enough to get dressed and head out for a while.

Oh, but that reminds me. I actually decided to practice editing photos yesterday. I only did one but that's because I couldn't get the damn thing online anywhere. I tried here but my photos are way, way too large, even after they've been resized, so I tried Photobucket and it was acting up. I wanted to put up the original and then the edited version but every time I selected the original, it wouldn't go up. The edited one did though and that makes absolutely no sense. So after Photobucket failed miserably to upload that one, single picture over and over and over again, I just decided to quit and go read.

In any case, I took a bunch of photos at school for the contact sheets that were due each week in one of my classes and I picked out a picture of a daisy to work on. I tried my best to get a good shot but I wound up with a picture that was overexposed so I fixed it up and added more vibrance to it. Now if only I could find somewhere to put my pictures online for free

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  1. snowdreamer 11 years ago

    Sweetheart the heat always takes all the energy out of you and makes you feel drained and tired even when you've slept.  Also the depression does the same things.  Rest,rest and rest to take care of yourself you know you better than anyone.

    Great going on the photos I know you will accomplish that and feel good about yourself….

    Try to stay cool darlin….

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