"Mercy for the meek, I won't let you go, I won't leave you now!"

Okay, now generally I am not a starstrucked individual.  However, when it comes to someone you've been wanting to meet for 4+ years who lifts your bleak world up into a hopeful cosmic swirl …well, of course I'm going to feel incredibly giddy. 

The 3 hour drive to OKC to see him in some hole in the wall club was SOO worth it.  The sun was still up, I was standing outside  the venue, and the other 8 people there that early were inside.  He drove up and pulled into the club driving the blue tour van, saw  me excited to see him (and I'm sure reacting like a 14 y/o), looked at me, smiled, waved, rolled down the window and said, "hello." I  about LOST it!  His smiling eyes meeting mine at that moment will be locked in my heart and imprinted on my mind forever.  I was the  first fan he saw, I thought, okay this is going to be an incredible show.  

And it was.

There is something great about being in a tiny venue, where your idol can make eye contact with you as you sing his lyrics with him.  I was front and center, 3 people back so it was perfect, and I swear Jimmy was singing to me half the night.  *ahem…there goes that 14 y/o again 😉  Yeah, we bonded. 

The set was a little different from the Feb and May show.  There were 2 unreleased songs performed that I'm not sure will be on the album. I've been glued to YouTube today, so one maybe called, "Kill me."  Jimmy must have talked the door guy b/c on stage he said that some ppl drove up from Dallas before we even got the chance to talk to him.  That was cool.  And the big treat for the evening was the band jamming.  At one point, his younger brother, Pit Orbach left the stage, and Jimmy got behind his drum set and played!  Awesome! 

So, after the show and everyone clears out (all 30 of them), without hesitation I walk up, smile, put my arms around his tiny waist and hug him.  I tell him a few things that are a little embarassing to say, but you can imagine.  Nothing sexual, but emotional, which he's  probably heard a gazillion times before.  He thanked me and my friend, Devin for driving up to see the show and I went on about how HOB wasn't enough (because earlier in the show he mentioned how awesome the crowd was for supporting the indie venue and that  the band hates playing chains).   I hope that the band decides to play OKC again (this was their 1st), because if they do, I'd gladly make the drive again. 

He told us to drive carefully, after realizing Devin had been drinking.  Then Devin went on to talk about his tats, where he got them (NJ/NY), and I can't even remember what Jimmy was saying b/c I was so nervous standing there having a casual conversation with the man I adore.  He pointed to the little boy on his forearm and talked about it, which I assumed was his son.  Then he lifted up his wife beater to show us his other tattoos and I'd never thought I'd get to see his red colored stars that up close and personal before.  GOOD GAWD!  *drool*

There was no ac in the venue, after all the ceiling was rotting and falling, so everyone was sweaty.  And I was extra sweaty because I "danced" and jumped about, and had 2 bottles of water.  So, you can just imagine how much of a high I was on holding the man I admire and love the most as we are both sweaty.  Jimmy is one of those people that actually looks better sweaty. 

Jimmy Gnecco may look like a rockstar, but he does not behave like one.  He's a vocalist, a musician, a songwriter.  I admire his dedication to his music and his fans.  (it must be difficult not being able to spend time with his kids because he's touring the country and 2 shows in canada)  He is very sincere and genuine with his fans, and greets you like he's known you for years.  THIS is what it's all about.  Not drugs, not sex, not external pleasures you consume.  It's about a connection.  It's about the love you feel in the room.  It's about feeling alive and that you belong.  It's the soulful eyes, the powerful voice, the intensity of his being, the grace in which he possesses, the passion he shares with us through his melodies – his lyrics, the sincerity of his heart … The very reasons we love you, Jimmy. 

I will always remember this intimate night as one of the best in my life.


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