After court, since I happened to be in the neighborhood, I decided that i would go and see my sister in law, father in law, and my neice. My neice had asked me to make a few bracelets for her and her Mom because my father in law was just diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and she wanted them. So I stopped in a there work and talked to my sis and dad until my neice got there. I had told Audrey what I was doing there and we hugged. I was so happy to see her and she me.

Pop's looked real good. He had lost 20 pounds the past few weeks from being sick but he really looked good and happy and healthy and just running around everywhere. I have never seen him so full of life as I had today. He was getting ready to go for radiation today. He had had chemo yesterday and had no residual effects from it. I told Audry that it may be different as the weeks go on.

Audrey had told me about Ced and his new g/f and that they went to their dad's house for Easter this past Sunday. She said his g/f was bitching to them that he's always on his cell texting. I told her he was texting me pretty much all day and he had finally asked me what i was doing that day and I told him that i was going to Boston to have dinner with the Papas and then over to my b/f's house. The b/f's house was a lie. After i told him that the last text that i got was "cool".I don't think he wanted to hear that I am seeing someone but wtf? He has been seeing this new g/f since possibly before i left him. Which was almost 4 months ago now.

My sis and her daughter continued to tell me that he was taking my wedding ring and giving it to HER daughter….I was a bit pissed about that but i kept telling myself that it wasnt mine any more and it means nothing to me. My neice told me that on Easter, Ced happened to be by himself with them and told them that he misses me, and my sis said, you should have done what you were suppose to do and she would of never left you. But, apparently, he's been saying that to all his family members cause i've heard it quite a few times this past week.

The thing about all of this is…..I like that he misses me! Too bad he didnt treat me better.

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  1. lightangel 10 years ago

    Sounds really sad still that you have such a conection.

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