I'm a little annoyed that I did not write this blog (or something like this) as soon as I got home from my Christmas about a month ago. For some reason, it never really occurred to me that the knowledge gained then might actually be *useful* to other people here.

Some of you might recall that I had the Flu around Christmas (think it was included in one of my blogs from that time) and I talked to my Mum about my assumption that the damned Flu had got through because of a longer period of depression suffered before the Flu hit – body and mind are closely connected after all.

I think I mentioned to my Mother that I probably hadn't taken my vitamins as frequently as I should have, because she said (in response to that no doubt) that vitamins can help prevent or reduce depressions. Makes a lot of sense, because depression is a form of psychological illness and illness is generally caused by all things unhealthy.

I have now taken my vitamins once every day and can report an overall positive effect on my mood. Yes, I still have mood swings and minor depressions, but negative stimuli seem to have less power over me now.

Some of you out there probably think this is general knowledge, but there's always those of us who weren't privileged with receiving that knowledge; after all, knowledge can only be acquired through either receiving it directly or seeking it out. And you only seek out specific knowledge if you receive the right kind of inspiration or motivation.

I was always taught that vitamins kept you healthy and prevented (physical) illness. Nobody ever taught me that taking vitamins regularly could "improve my mood", so the ironic thing is that depressions have made me not really care about my physical health; not enough to make me ensure that I swallowed a vitamin pill once every morning.

I shared this newly acquired knowledge with a friend here on Anxietytribe and he wasn't aware of the full benefit either. At some point this morning, it dawned on me that I should tell all my friends here about it in case they didn't know either, but then I realized the best thing to do about it was to write a blog. Not sure why it has taken me so long to write this thing – had other things to write when I got home from work today, preferably before I forgot about them.

I'm hoping this will give others another incentive to take their vitamins on a daily basis (with the likely effect that their depressions hit less hard).

My "Sick Skull" animation suddenly got a deeper meaning attached to it 😛

Oh yes, and don't forget to eat both fruit and veggies every day – diet is also important in relation to depressions.

Ok fine, I'm done with my preaching…


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