June 15, 2013


I’m so ticked off right now; I put my car up for sale and have a few people come to look at it over the last few days. I have been driving it daily and have had no issues with it; my step dad drove it and had no problems. Okay, this guy comes to look at it yesterday, seemed interested in buying it, so he asks if he can drive it around the block. I told him yeah sure no problem at all. So I gave him the keys, he was gone maybe fifteen minutes; I stood there talking to his wife while he was gone. He comes back and tells me that when he was driving it he noticed that the brakes were going out on it. I told him that I had just driven it to my parent’s and back which is about a 30 minute drive one way and had absolutely no problems with it. He asked if he could look under the hood to check the brake fluid and I said sure go ahead. He told me that it looked like the fluid was a little low. I was like, okay that’s not a problem I can add fluid to it. Then he got snotty with me and told me that I had lied to him about everything that was wrong with the car and that there was no way he was going to buy it for the price that I was asking. I told him that I was up front and honest about everything that was wrong, I even came down on the price a little bit because the wipers needed fixed and was going to have my dad fix them, the dude asked if he fixed them himself would I come down on the price, I was like sure. Now he is getting all snotty with me? I don’t get it, I was a little upset that he was acting this way and obviously wasting m time because now suddenly he isn’t interested in the car anymore and I had another person that was wanting to buy it but I was waiting on this dude to come look at it. He seemed so eager to buy it, didn’t want to wait, wanted it last night, so I cleaned it up real good, had my mom bring the title over and everything and now it seems like he is playing games with me. The thing that pisses me off the most is that after he left I had my partner check the brake fluid; it was full so the dude lied about that, but now low and behold my brakes are out! I was like wth? They worked fine last time I drove it. My partner said that this dude probably slammed on the brakes really hard to see how good they were and possibly either blew a brake line out or somehow managed to get air in the brake line. I’m like alright, if there is an issue with the car, of course I will fix it. But to stand there, get rude with me, tell me that I lied, when he is more than likely the one that damaged my brakes? I’m sorry but that is a bunch of bull. So not only did I not sell the car, now I have to have damages fixed that were caused by a careless driver that was either trying to get me to come down even more on the price by damaging the brakes, or he was just being stupid and treating my car too rough resulting in a damaged brake line. I think he was just ticked off because he wanted me to come down more on the price but I was already asking next to nothing for the car and it runs really good. The engine is good, I never have any issues with it starting or running. There is mild rust on it, I told him about the issues it has like a door that sticks and back hatch has to be propped open because it won’t stay open on its own. I cleaned it out, made it look really nice, what’s his deal? What I did lie about? Nothing, unless he is counting brakes that he himself damaged. The last time I drove it, the brakes were fine so I obviously didn’t lie. For a vehicle that is a 97’ that runs good, has a working CD player, working AC and heat, very little rust and is in fair condition with a few minor things that can fixed, I think I asked a fair price. I’m asking less than $1000.00 and most of the vehicles I have seem that are similar to mine, some in worse condition, are much more expensive. Seriously, if he is expected to pay less than a thousand bucks for a car in perfect condition, he is in for a rude shock. Just needed to get that off my chest.

  1. cdnpickles 9 years ago

    For my two cents worth…he was just being a jerk trying to get you to come down on your price.  I'd also recommend that you "ride along" for any future test drives.



    Sorry you had such a jerk come along in your day.  They have a real way of getting under our skin, don't they.



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  2. BaleFire 9 years ago

    Thank you for the comment and yes they do.  I had my dad look at the car and found it's going to cost me $200.00 to have it fixed before I can put it back on themarket to sell, (sighs).  If it werent for bad luck I'd have no luck.

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