I found out earlier today that my great-grandmother is visiting all the way from Mexico. My mom and sister are pretty enthusiastic, but I'm not so sure. I never met her before, so I'm really getting a bit self-consious on whether or not she's a traditional Mexican.

The job hunt isn't helping me either. Still got nothing except a few incomplete job applications. I guess that's what happens whenever you start your life anew: you just don't know what direction you're going in until you hit that brick wall known as reality. Bummer.

Things are going along better with my mom. I've been helping her out more around the house, just to take a load off her sholder. Rather, take a piece of the burden known as motherhood out of it's ugly duffel sack. Yeah, that was a lame joke, but I'm just full of them!

As for my sister… nothing good on the horizon. Puberty hit her pretty bad lately, and she's gotten really moody. There are even times where her emotions take a dramatic swing and she says she wants to kill herself. I know I shouldn't take it lightly, but I think it's just that: mood swings. Maybe I'm wrong, but I do realize that she has depression as well. Maybe even bipolar disorder.

My personal life has dwindled greatly. I keep coming to the library, hoping to find a really good friend of my through one of the people from school, but no luck. She was actually one of the anchors that helped me recover while I was in the hospital. I don't know what it is about her, but she can make a dull moment turn into a bright memory. Call it whatever you want, but she's really the only true friend I've had in years. I just wish I could tell her that.


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