I was hoping a lil blog would help me….therapy typing….or "something"….\"\"Come on Blog work for me….make me happy and restful again.

Okay, so here\'s the thing, I had a seizure in January. I don\'t have seizures, no history of seizures..until January, that is…. Then I experience other symptons, vision trouble and headaches. (I am actually sporting a headache at this moment, by the way.) \"\"

So I see a docter…he tells me I have "an acute medical situation"…so I questioned him, "What do you mean by that?" \"\"He says, "I think you may have a possible brain tumor."


So a nurse wheels me down to get a cat scan. I get on this narrow bed and my head is positioned on a pillow…the cat scan machine breaks down!! So guess what? No diagnosis or evaluation on that day! I go home, all freaked out that I may have something very serious wrong with me…..\"\"

okay, so I schedule new appointment to get a cat scan again…and I am now waiting for Feb. 22nd to arrive….like it is dooms day or something…why can\'t I be happy? Why can\'t I feel normally like I may live a day or two? Why all this stress? \"\"

I would like one thing.

Could someone humor me?

Humor is good medicine, I think. Just joke around with me! PLEASE!!






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  1. celes 10 years ago

    Oh these jokes are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all soooo much!!! I don\'t feel half as bad. ha ha

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