Last night had it's ups and downs. I went to play trivia, which distracted me. I recieved a text message from my ex, whose currend girlfriend said for me to leave him alone. It was just one of those stupid chain texts, but it said something like "if you have someone on your mind….". This sucked because I am still in love with him and had just cried over him earlier in the night. This is the first I've heard from him since he sent me the text that said "Mia said to leave me alone". Well, that's enough of talking about him.

In other news, I was woken up at about 5:30 this morning by my dog barking at someone at the door. I went to see who was at the door, but without my glasses, so I was pretty much not seeing. I saw some guy at the door. I had no idea what time it was and all I could see was some guy in black at my door, so I was not going to open it. Unfortunately, he said "Sheriff's department." This freaked me out, and I should've gotten my glasses to make sure before I opened the door, because he could've been bull shitting me and then invaded our house when I opened the door. He was with the Sheriff, though, and wanted my dad. Still freaked out, I went to get him. I mean, for all I knew there had been some accident and my grandma was hurt or something. Well, it turns out it's because he owes money to credit card companies, or something like that. My mom still doesn't know. This should be fun. I just don't want my dad to go to jail. He has managed to live his life without being arrested, and I'd love to keep it that way. I don't know if my mom would keep him around if that happened. 

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