I am so determined to get rid of these constant anxiety attacks! I'm reading a book called "When In Doubt, Make Belief".

Here's a tip I learned from the book-

"In standing up to our doubt bullies, we must learn to believe in ourselves, in others and in life."

One of the tips he mentions while talking about that, is to affirm your universal potential. You have to "recgonize that you, as a part of a universe with infinite potential must also have that potential inside."

He tells you to be mindful of your thoughts. So for instance: you fear if you are in a kitchen that has knives, you will unconciously stab someone. What you have to do label your "what if" question as an obsession (because that's what it is) and instead of acting on it (ritualizing) you say outloud (or silently if there are others around) "I am obsessing about what might happen because of the knives in the room." and then say "I am fighting the compulsive urge to avoid the kitchen because my bully suggests that if I dont I'm going to unconciously stab someone."

If that doesnt work you can say "I see what you're doing to me bully!"

The author says "By calling out our fear-based doubts, we reinforce the fact that they neither comprise nor define us. They are simply thoughts, meaningless except for the meaning we assign them. And whatever part of me that is capable of observing this – my inner believer for lack of a better term – is also capable of tapping into the full potential of the friendly universe (that is, my universal potential). I need only to affirm this."

This is really a great book and a great motivator for really getting serious about ridding this disorder from yourself. I hope this helps some of you!

  1. telknit23 9 years ago

    I have been thinking about getting this book.  It sounds as though you would recommend it?

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  2. PinkLeague 9 years ago

     Yes I HIGHLY reccommend it

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