i am sitting here feeling so more depressed then ever to those who really care i take care of alot of animals (i rescue and foster) but last night i lost one of my most favorite cats(past away) and i thought i could handle it but i can't because it makes me feel like i fail (again) i just to try not tolet what others though of me but when you get told that you are such a dumbass and a faliure all the time it just makes my depression worse and i really don't know how to get over it! there are times that my husband and i get into an arguement and i always end up feeling like i a so stupid and then i don't speak to him or anyone else for days and i hate to feel like that, i have tried to make friends but for some reason i always feel like i am being used(and one thing i can't handle is being used) i really don't know how to pull myself out of this depressing funk that i get in so if anyone could give me some advice that would help me i would appreciate it. right now i have noone to talk to for advice(even though i am suppose to be there for everyone else) my own mother thinks that there is nothing wrong with me and that i just need to get over it. sometimes i feel so isolated and that i have nobody i believe that is why i use to do drugs and drink just so i wouldn't have to deal with real life and i didn't like the way that made me feel,(i have been sober and clean for 15+yrs.other then the pain meds. i get from my pain management Dr) if anyone can help me please let me know


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