I’m sorry….

I see everything you all are saying… But I really don’t deserve any of it..

The days are only getting worst and I just got out of the hospital this evening, and things aren’t good…

I don’t even care anymore… but I don’t want to be on earth for much longer

The darkness in me is taking over.. I don’t.. I don’t know what to do anymore..

I don’t deserve any of you or anything in life.

I just want to soak in my pain and get this over with…

I’m sorry…

Please forgive me

And Stay Strong

Something I could not do

Please Forgive me for what I am about to do Muireann..

I love you <3

  1. starsandhope88 4 years ago

    My dear, it seems you are young. Let me tell you, as someone who is still fairly young (31), that you have so much life left. We, as human beings, do not get to decide when we die. I’m not going to go religious on you, but I will tell you, that you are worth it. The air in the lungs, the blood running through your veins, you’re worth it all.

    May I tell you? 11 years ago, on the 28th of this month, my best friend committed suicide. I still cry about it, I still miss him everyday, and everyday I have to live without him. It isn’t fair, and it hurts so bad.

    Jason, if you take your life, you’re not just taking it from yourself, but from everyone that loves and cares about you. And if you say that no one does, I bet you that you’re wrong. I care, Jason, and I’m a complete stranger that knows nothing about you.

    I believe in you, that you can get through this darkness, and come out to the other side in nothing but lightness.

    Much love and peace,

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    • Author
      jason01 4 years ago

      People will be better off without me…
      The pain isn’t worth enduring anymore
      I’m sorry…
      I’m happy you are still pushing but I have been thru hell my entire life, and everyday it’s on;y getting worst..
      It’s only a matter of time..
      At this rate I won’t even have to be the one to end my own life.
      He is coming to do it for me..

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      • catwarrior 4 years ago

        Hey Jason if you’re still here…………….. id just like you to know that even if you don’t think people love you or care about you or that everyone that you know would be better off without you then you’re wrong because even if you don’t realize it now there are so many people around the world that care about you so much and would be devastated if anything happened to you even if you don’t believe me right now just know that I made the same mistake that you’re about to make I attempted suicide and I realized afterwards that it was the worse decision that I ever made in my entire life……………… and I’m so glad to still be here and so should you I’m so sorry if I sound forceful or pressuring in anyway I just want to let you know that you’re not alone and you’ll never be alone and that even though I’m a complete stranger to you I still love and care about you very much and i would never be able to forgive myself if you died really I’m not just saying that please I’m really not…………………. and me and everybody else would too even if you don’t believe me right now just remember these words please don’t ever care what people think about you always be yourself no matter what never stop smiling keep going stay strong and never give up please I know its easier said than done but it would break my heart and everyone else if you killed yourself and it would also break you’re familys heart even if you don’t think so right now and think that everyone else and you’re family don’t care about you or love you just know that thats not true even if you don’t believe it right now……………….. and never be afraid to talk to me or reach out to anyone else I’m always free to talk to if you ever need to talk ill always be here for you I mean it i really do………………… and I’m not forcing you too but please talk to me and let me help I promise I can help you even if you don’t think so…………….. I won’t judge you for anything I promise and I’ll always be here to listen to you ifever need me I PROMISE…………………

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  2. jayce 4 years ago

    I am jealous of you. Look around, does anybody get as much attention as you? Maybe it’s by design, maybe it’s by luck, but compassion DOES talk to you. It doesn’t talk to everyone. Maybe you should keep that in mind.
    You owe these people, they’re real and you do affect them. Don’t put yourself in position where you end up playing with their emotions. Not that that’s what you’re doing now, but it can very easily turn into that.
    In any case, I am jealous of you, somehow you’re like sugar to your peers. Whatever impression you made, it stuck.
    If you think you’re not worth anything, you are worth that at least.

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