So, I go to put up the Christmas lights on our house. Great big tall peaks, long runs, all covered in snow. The new lights are a surprise to my wife since my daughter and I have been buying them for a few months.

Setting the ladder up, I grab two strands and head up the ladder. I'm just going to unwrap these two and see what I'm up against. I step onto the roof and lay out the first and it looks like its going to be easy. I unwrap the second and step out onto the roof to lay it down.

I feel my foot move just the lightest bit, and a twinge runs up my spine. This is cedar shake roof, very slippery, and no gutters so there is nothing at all to grab onto. And just as that thought finishes my foot lets go of what little grip it had.

I go to all fours and and dig with my fingers for anything to slow my fall without success. As I slide the last 3 or so feet to the edge, an image runs through my head as to about where I am, how high up, and whats beneath me. This is going to hurt.

With a bone jarring crunch, I land onto the frozen ground. Instantly a sharp pain shoots from my right hip and causes me to let out a scream. My mind goes from pain to my training. Stay calm. Don't move. Assess the situation. Im alone. I dressed for the cold sp no worries there. I run my hand up the back of my leg, half expecting to feel my femur sticking out of my butt cheek and feel nothing there. No blood. I run my fingers down the back of my neck pressing at each vertebrae and feeling nothing that shouldn't be.

I'm breathing OK, not bleeding and warm for time being. I am however alone, relatively not mobile, and I need help. I search my pockets and realize my cell phone had fallen out as I landed. A quick scan of my surroundings and I see it laying in the snow.

Lifting myself up and against the shooting pains I begin to pull myself along the ground. Each time I move a few inches, I cry out in pain, thankful no one is near to hear. I now know for sure something with my hip or leg is wrong.

I reach the cell phone and dial 911, quickly turning on the speaker phone, and an ambulance is being dispatched. I dig in pockets a little more for my smokes and light one up.

I don't even get to finish the whole thing before the ambulance shows up. Well as if I could say long story short, I will try to be less concise.

I broke my pelvis in 3 places, my hip is fractured, my tail bone is fractured, and I have also fractured a vertebrae in my spine.

Pain. No relief. In a hospital bed in my living room, using a walker to do what moving I can. 4 to 6 weeks before I could even consider using my leg. I don't do sit still very well.

Count your blessings. Be thankful thats all thats broken. Your lucky.

Be patient. Take it easy. Will be better before you know it.

Between the agonizing lightening bolts of pain shoot through I try to contemplate any one of these pieces of helpful advice.


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