does anyone know the feeling when something goes wrong like you get hurt or you say something wrong and its horrible now but totally hilarious later, yea something like that happened to me tonight, so i get home with my mom from her hand appointment, which was maybe an hour or so ago, so were out in the kitchen and shes getting the cats wet food ready, and of course my cat who has a great jump span is lazy as fuck and i have to pick his ass up to put him on the counter, anyways, i go to pick him up and he all of a sudden jumps up and opens the cabinet door and it karate chops me right between the eyes, at the moment i was pissed and hurt so i totally losted my shit and balled for 5 minutes, then i come out of the bathroom and grab an ice pack and go and sit no the couch, when mom asks me what happend i start to tell her and then when i get to the karate chop part she looses all her shit and starts laughing so hard, so then i start laughing when im trying to be totally serious with this big ass ice pack on my face.. then we continue to joke about it, i have an emt class tomorrow so i say "fuck im going to go into class tomorrow and my forhead is going to be swollen and im going to look like a fucking cave man" mom sits there and laughs and comes back with " do you want be to draw a unibrow while im at it so you can look the part" and i say "might as well look the part and make everyone think i unfroze from a fucking ice berg" and we sit there and laugh.

shit just such an eventful time in like 30 minutes.. anyways other then that i had an okay day other then having hardcore anxiety because of the traffic. i hope everyone else is having a good day or night where you are.


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