I keep reading about KFC and Mcnuggets from other countries and I wonder if they have the same food there, cooked the same way as here.  Being from Texas  (while I havent had KFC in a while)  I love the spicyness of it..of course I know some wussy Northerners who cant stand any spice, so wondering if the chicken there is the same as here.

Don't get me wrong, love all my fellow US'ers…just tired of watching cooking shows where it is shot in Miane or Massachusits and they invariably always make chili.  Then they proceed to tell everyone to take a jalapeno..remove the seeds and the ribs.. "because thats where all the heat is" and then add beans.  While I don't mind beans, I just wish they would call it soup, because thats what it is.  It's kind of like me saying New York or Chicago style Pizza tastes like the pizza Dominoes serves.  haha

So anyways after that rant…I think I came across the batter for the McNuggets that a certain person on here loves…I guess it's kind of tempura batter.

I egg beaten

1/2 a cup of water

1/2 cup flour

some salt some garlic powder

beat the egg, add the water, slowly beat in the flour till it's smooth, add the salt and the galic powder.  Cut chicken in pieces, dry them off, and then dip the pieces in the stuff.  

It is very runny but will stick..then put in hot oil.  If you dip cut up onion in the batter seperatlly and add them slowly in the oil in clumps..thats gud too. dont pour too much and make sure the pan is not crowded and the oil is hot, or you will get oily eggy onion things that wont crisp..goes good bbq sauce or with ketchup or catsup…whichever you prefer

It's very light and tasty, the recipe seems to be all over the internet…sorry dont have the recipe for KFC..I think the colonials minions would assasinate me if I did and I like me alive, so I wont intrude on the colonials turf…even tho he died twenty some years ago.

I imagine his head is frozen in some KFC somewhere waiting to be revived when they find the cure for death…just like Ted Williams.


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