First I want to thank everyone for your b-day thoughts and wishes. Sorry I've been soo bad about stopping by, really this last year has been a itytle tough, I'm hopingb the next one is better. I had both my knees operated on. The first one in October then the next in January. Knee replacement surgery. I don't know what I thought but I was thinking I'd feel like I was 10 years younger or something. I'm still waiting, lol. Even tho I recovered faster than normal, I just can't shake this tiredness. I always feel so lethargic (is that the long term effect of my meds?) but I'm getting sick of it. My best friend, my beloved dog Kayla passed. I am only sad for me, I shall miss her. She was 15, she ived a great life, growing up in Santa Cruz, CA. She ran in th e mountains and on thed beach. It happened just as I had hoped. No lingering sickness. She was pretty heathy up until the last week. I adopted another dog about a year before so I wouldn't be sad and alone. This dog is the craziest thing I've ever seen. We fit pretty well, she has problems with her legs, so do I. I smoke and her bark is all raspy as if she smoked. Kayla was super smart and learnt ev erything in a snap, this one, I believe has some brain damage, she isn't the smartess, but she is so endearing. I'm so glad I get to take care of her. heck out my pics in my gallery, her name is Boo Boo Bear, she's the blac k and white one. I'd like to get another dog, but she is aot harder to match than Kayla was. Kayla was very easy going and never got in fights. This little one is quite different, she starts fight whenever she can. My plan is to volunteer to foster dogs in rescue programs and that way I can hopefully find a fit for Boo. One reason I'm not on as much is I get so physically uncomfortable. But I haven't forgot anyone, I love you all and thanks for remembering me. HUGS, Jody

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  1. viking 9 years ago

     Hey Jody,

    I haven't been around much either this year because of school and that damned tiredness creeping up on me.  I am sorry for your loss…they are not pets, they are family.  I am also happy for your new addition.

    I hope your knees aren't causing you too much trouble.

    Glad to know your CD4 count is so high…took me 12 years to finally get mine up to 250 but I am still trying.

    Take care and hope to see you around again soon!



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