We're required to do a "volunteer work" program where I am now *actually more of a mandated "free slave-labor" program* @ a combination senior dining hall & food pantry for the community..on the surface of it it doesn't sound bad except for the fact that we as volunteers are sort of treated like 2nd-class citizens by the payrolled employees & the supervisor nutures a clique culture there @ least in the former facility where I work..


Over the several months I've been working there I've busted my ass for these people without complaint whereas some of the other employees just slack through their workdays *I wrote another blog about this before*..yesterday morning I was called into our program directors office & informed I've been placed on a two-week suspension from work because of one of these people accuses me of some kind of belligerent attitudes toward them which I don't recall & I think is just a personal issue with me as I'm from a different background than most of them..


I wouldn't mind being off-work from a non-paying job for this period if this were not presented as being a disciplinary action with consequences I only can imagine now in this program..there is another individual from our program who works there in a minimal capacity who went off on a customer and was not disciplined & is still allowed to work so its a huge double-standard and bad precedent to be showing the staff both paid & not..


I feel singled-out & this is really triggering both my OCD along with my anger & frustration @ a broken & agenda'ed system which takes advantage of people & benefits others financially *yes the meals aren't free but paid for out-of-pocket by the patrons*..we're not in a position to complain as we can be set back in the program for showing "non-compliance" with the "rules"..I'm feeling really rallied against right now & just needed to bitch-off in a medium where I can't be punished for it..thanks for taking the time to read this agitated stream of consciousness..

  1. telknit23 7 years ago

    This is so unfair.  Sorry you are having to deal with it.


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  2. maryanne 7 years ago

    Hi, I had to back-track a little to see what your situation was.  We haven't met yet – I'm Maryanne and I'm happy to make your acquaintance.  Sounds like you are working very hard and have hit a bump in the road.  It must be difficult dealing with the program and with others who aren't very helpful, to say the least.  I hope you can enjoy your time off and not let it rattle you too much.  All the best…

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  3. chez 7 years ago

    This is awful and no one should have to work under these situations weather paid or unpaid my advice is don't let those people get to you and most of all don't let them see they are getting to you, you are the bigger and better person here smile politely and get on with the tasks you've to do they will hate the fact that they can't get under your skin. Also maybe just a thought keep a record at home of what is going on and when your time up and you leave approach the manger and say thank you for my time here I haved learned a lot but there are some situations in this work that you may need to address for better working conditions for others and present them with the records of what's going on. I have just left my place of work where I worked for 17 years and I know that without the volunteers we have we couldn't continue the service we give to our day care users volunteers are a big part of a work place.

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