Its a little "form" because I posted what happened on myspace page as well, and do not feel like changing it.

When I post bulletins I usually try to write positive stuff, like how I do in races and such. I do have a bad habit of beating up on myself, but the last few days have not been so great.

Looking back its okay that I did just okay at the 5k. Not every race is going to be good. I was sore and over doing it.

Anyway, I started a new job for a family as a Manny or Nanny. The situation was odd the mother was not in the picture she lives in Hawaii. No father either. He lived just with the grandma, no grandpa either. They actually had a live in au pair/nanny and 6 weeks ago the ladies mother died in a motorcycle accident and she quit.

When I did the 5k race over the weekend. I won a spiderman raffle ball. I thought of Drake and I emailed the grandma and she told me Drake would love it. But she told me, that the nannny service had gotten back to her and they found a replacement. Like when I got the job, she told me it was mine. I was not a sub. I think the nanny service came through quicker then she thought.

The other nanny was a live in Nanny, and I guess the new one is a live in one to. All her nannies our from out of the country. I keep trying to figure out if I did anything wrong, but really I thought I did an excellent job. Also in her email she said the nanny has sick time/and vacation, and they could use me as a back up. I emailed her and told her no thanks. I am not Mary Wilson(didn’t say that) I do not think this is a case of anything aganist me. Its just cheaper to have a live in nannny, and the grandma is free to go when she pleases.

Okay #2

I work for another family and there son is autistic. I have been working for them since August. I am fired, just waiting for the call. I usually pick the boy up at the school bus after school, near his house.. Today I tried to sneak in a quick nap in before I left. I did, but I overslept, 15 minutes too late I should of set my alarm. I called the dad right away, and picked up the boy at his school, not the bus. I arrived at the school about 30 minutes late. I missed the bus was before, because I overslept.

When the father came home he was pretty angry with me. Can not say I blame him. He is right in everything he said. He said I am dealing with a human life and he does not know if this situation will work out. I was honest I have had a change in medication and have been a little drowsy, I told him, he said it doesn’t matter there is, NO EXCUSE!. He is right. I goofed up and made a mistake, its a little disappointing I will lose my job. But its TRULY understandable on his part. He needs to know where his son is. The over sleeping did happen once before, so he did give me a second chance.

Its just the beginning of the new year, so hopefully all the bad shi* wll happen early.

Still looking forward to doing the half marathon this weekend

I feel a little like mr mr belvedere, right now WESLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. katmando 12 years ago

    Well, they asked me to come back today. So maybe I am not fired, not really sure. He wants to where we go from here. In a few hours I will know. Thanks for the super kind words Laura.



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